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Thomas Edison

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Superhero Backstory
Thomas was born grew up in a small town and was a very curious child who loved music and was fascinated with technology, he would spend hours working on experiments at home.

At the age of 7, a mysterious illness caused Thomas to fall into a coma. When we woke up he found he had lost his hearing but had gained the ability to control electricity and light. When he turned 12, something strange happened. He witnessed a bank robbery. The robbers were armed with guns, and they were threatening to shoot the hostages. Thomas knew that he had to do something, so he used his powers to create a powerful electric field that surrounded the bank. The robbers were caught off guard, and they were quickly arrested by the police.

This unknown hero, called "The Wizard", became a local celebrity, and she was soon recruited by Team Remarkablz.
Electrokinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate electricity with the mind.
The electric symbol for the light bulb can be found on Thomas' chest.
Thomas developed an improved electric light bulb. It lasted much longer and was more energy efficient.
In 1876, Thomas established his first laboratory facility in Menlo Park, New Jersey.
One of Thomas' mentors in his early years was a fellow telegrapher and inventor named Franklin Leonard Pope.
Why Rubber? Rubber stops electricity by acting as an insulator.
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Invention of the Light Bulb
While Thomas Edison improved on the lightbulb he was not the first person to create a light bulb.Learn all about the Invention of Bulb in this brilliant little video.
The Telegraph: The Civil War Text Machine
Edison got his first job as a telegraph operator, find out more about the telegraph in this great video from Untold History.
Thomas Edison
A documentary that explores the life of America's most famous inventor.
Video:Untold History
Video: PBS
What Do Inventors Do?
Some of the greatest inventions were created by accident. Find out more in this brilliant video by Brightside.
Video Credit: Bightside
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Check out Elijah's fact file. Elijah was a canadian engineer and inventor. His most famous invention helped trains run faster.
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Picture of front cover of book Who was Thomas Alva. The cover has a picture of man sitting near a light bulb.
Image of Elijah McCoy as a superhero
Katharine invented what is known as "invisible" glass in 1940. She discovered how to make low-reflectance glass. It is still used on items such as windshields, and glasses!
Drawing of Katarine Blodgett as a superhero
If you would like to find out more about Thomas check out this great book!
Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? An accessible, appealing biography of the inventor. You can purchase the book on Amazon, or listen on Audible.
Author: Margaret Frith
Publisher: Listening Library
Rubber stops electricity because it acts as an insulator. An insulator is a material that does not allow electricity to flow through it.

When an electric current is applied to a piece of rubber, the electrons are not able to move through the rubber molecules and the current is stopped.

Rubber is used in many electrical applications because of its insulating properties.
Why Does Rubber Stop Electricity?