Games to ignite the imagination of the scientists, engineers, inventors and our superheroes of tomorrow
Ever wondered about the science behind your favorite superheroes powers? Well we have gone a step further. We've turned our favorite science heroes into superheroes. Their discoveries and inventions are the source of their superpowers.

Find out why Mary Anning's superpower is Fossilisation, why blueshift can stop Priya's Dark Matter Control, and why Ada Lovelace needs to steer clear of horses. These engaging games are aimed at kids aged 3 to 14.

We want to inspire children and young adults to explore exciting disciplines and aspire to their own superpowers regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability.
Our Cards
Here is a sneak peak of our Top Quarkz cards
Remarkablz Knowledge
We have packed a lot into our cards - from amazing imagined superpowers to biographical information
Every superhero has a weakness. For Mary it's asteroids. Sadly for the dinosaurs a 9km wide asteroid thumped into the earth contributing to their extinction
Superpowers are selected based on the superhero's field and discoveries. Here we picked Fossilization as Mary was a famous paleontologist and fossil collector
All great superheroes have a sidekick. Well, except for Wanda; she doesn't need one. You may find the sidekicks in another one of our games so be on the lookout
Each of our superheroes focuses their life's mental and physical energy on specific fields.
Current location
Our superheroes' locations are tied to events or discoveries in their lives. Mary Anning is somewhere in the Mesozoic era. Why? She discovered a complete plesiosaur skeleton, which is a Mesozoic marine reptile
Our superheroes have day jobs. We share a short bio so you can learn about these amazing people and their discoveries
Remarkablz treasure
Each card has one or more hidden treasures about our superheroes' life experiences, depictions in art, jobs or discoveries. Can you find them all?

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