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Sun Prints
Capture the mesmerising beauty of the sun at specific moments in time. The brainchild of data scientist Ian Calvert, these incredible sun images are meticulously crafted to reflect the sun's unique position and radiance on a day and time you choose.

All ages
Price: £35

The Sun gives off light in many different colours, like a rainbow! But when we look at it, we mostly see yellow light because the Sun's brightest light is in the colour yellow. These pictures show you all the different colours. Ian uses data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft to create these special pictures just for you!

The SDO was launched in 2010 and it enables scientists to collect distinct wavelengths of light, showing solar material at different temperatures. Please note SDO data is only available from April 2010, this means we can't create images of the sun before to this date.

Our prints are on high quality matte paper and come in 12 inches x 12 inches format. For larger formats, get in touch!
More from NASA, about Observing the Sun
Video credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Ian Calvert
Data Scientist
Growing up as the child of two scientists, my home was filled with science texts, images of the cosmos, and makeshift experiments. This environment ignited a lifelong love of science that I am now sharing with my own children. When my son was born, I wanted to commemorate the moment in a way that was not only visually beautiful but also served as a launching point for conversations about space and physics. This desire led to these Sun prints, and soon after, friends started requesting their own prints and then as gifts for others. Now, thanks to The Remarkablz, I get to share them with you too.
What the colours mean
  • Red
    This colour shows us the outer layer of the Sun, the chromosphere. You can see the places where there are cooler and denser streams of solar plasma.

    Wavelength: 304 angstroms
    Temperature: 50,000 K (90,000 F)
    • Purple
      Highlights the outer atmosphere of the Sun - the corona. This wavelength shows hotter, magnetically active regions in the sun's corona.

      Wavelength: 211 angstroms
      Temperature: 2 million K (3.6 million F)
    • Orange
      Highlights the outer atmosphere of the Sun as well as hot flare plasma.

      Wavelength: 193 angstroms
      Temperature: 1.25 million K (2.25 million F)
    • Blue
      This colour measures the hottest material in a flare. It measures extremely hot temperatures as well as cool plasmas.
        Wavelength: 131 angstroms
        Temperature: 10 million K (18 million F)
      • Green
        This highlights regions of the corona during a solar flare. It measures extremely hot temperatures around 6 million Kelvin.

          Wavelength: 94 angstroms
          Temperature: 6 million K (10.8 million F)
        • Our sun is a massive star at the center of our solar system. It generates energy through nuclear reactions. This energy becomes sunlight that reaches us in about 8 minutes.
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