We've got plenty of activities on tap, from a large colouring in poster to drawing your own science superhero at this fun drawing workshop for 5-9 year olds.
Our founder Katy talks to Education on fire about Radioactive fallout, growing up with dyslexia and why role models are so important for children.
Science communicator and neurodiverse designer Katy Alexander talks to us about her new comic and The Remarkablz.
A new comic book is turning real-life science heroes into superheroes, bringing diverse pioneers of science and engineering to a new generation of young readers in an exciting and engaging format
Less than two days in and we've already been named a #ProjectWeLove by Kickstarter
Our first comic book is on Kickstarter - Radioactive Fallout turns real-life scientist, Katsuko Saruhashi, into a science superhero, superpowers and all.
Some time ago I met Katy Alexander at a New Scientist Live event. It was there she began to tell me of an idea she had been working on......
Our collection of comic book covers were on display in the June 2020 at the annual OHBM 2020 meeting.
We were at the Natural History Museum lates this month! The questions and interest people had in the science superheroes in our games was truly inspiring.
The Remarkalbz are at World Space Week 2019 on 5th October in Guilford Surrey - Games and activities on tap!
The Remarkablz are on display at the International Day of Girls and Women in Science February 11, 2020 - London
Come visit our stand at the NSL this October!
10-13 October 2019 - London
The Remarkablz are at Queens Park day Sunday 15th September. Come find us to check out our new game and partake in activities!
"The card game encouraging interest in STEM subjects."
The Remarkablz & Imperial as One
Wonder Woman is the latest in a series of after hours evenings of discovery at Imperial College London
"Her business is a small step for womankind, but children's play is a good place to start when it comes to shifting stereotypes."
Empowering Women with Tech
The Remarkablz join Armley Library, Leeds in a celebration of International Women's Day with Leeds Libraries and Empower with Tech
Business Ideas for 2019: Inclusive Childrens Game
Starting with stories and games: building the pipline
"As a female in STEM I just love this!"
"Katy talks to Anna Jordan about launching The Remarkablz."
"A powerful celebration of diversity in gender, ethnicity and ability - Cannot wait to play and learn with this card game."
"Card games are a great table gift idea and these Top Quarkz ones from The Remarkablz look brilliant."
"Check out this ace little game"
"What I especially love about this fabulous idea is that each of the cards is based on a real life scientist."
"It transforms some of the most incredible scientists from history and our time into superheroes! A wonderful celebration of individuality and diversity and it's also educational!"
"The Remarkablz aims to challenge gender stereotypes through the integration STEM themes into exciting games"
"You will soon learn all about Ada Lovelace. A perfect stocking filler for the budding nerd."
"There are some great free resources on their website too – with colouring sheets which contain ideas for easy to do at home experiments. Go check it out!"