Our Story
We are small family-run edugames business set up to help combat the lack of diversity in STE(A)M in games. It all started with my daughter's confusion over whether girls could travel to space since she often would see male astronauts. I recognised, even at the young age of three, that If you can't see yourself in a role, you are less likely to engage.

So I set out to find role models my daughter, nieces and
nephews could relate to and to incorporate these role
models into the games we play as a family. The people
who create rockets, travel through space, discover comets
are superhuman, so why not turn them into actual
superheroes where their real-life superpowers could be

The Remarkablz was born and soon her friends started
asking to play, and then friends of friends. Our hope is
that The Remarkablz will inspire children around the
world to discover their own superpowers.

We're a tiny team doing what we can to bring greater
diversity to the world of games. Since our launch in June 2018 we have sold over 1,000 packs of our signature game - Top Quarkz - as well as launched new games and a colouring book.

We couldn't have achieved all this without your support, thank you.

Founder The Remarkablz

Katherine Johnson, Mathematician , once said: "I like to learn. That's an art and a science.
Our Mission
We want to inspire children and adults. Our games showcase diverse and inspiring STE(A)M role models. Positive and diverse role models shape attitudes and ignite aspirations

STE(A)M is all about exploration and discovery, so there's no better way to get young and old excited about learning than with games. Kids and adults can explore and learn about famous scientists, engineers and inventors and their discoveries

It's through play that children (and adults) discover interests, passions, and talents. We want kids to be happy and enjoy learning about STE(A)M careers and role models through play.
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