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What does The Pyroscaphe and Elijah have in Common?
15 July 2018
On this day in 1783 an experimental steamship demonstration took place in France. The ship was called The Pyroscaphe. A month later the boat carried several passengers on a successful journey. Fast forward to the 1800s and there was one man who was working hard to make steam trains run faster: Elijah McCoy. His powers were so strong that he joined Team Remarkablz when he was 15 years old.

The Pyroscaphe
Elijah has the power to create and manipulate steam. As a Remarkablz, Elijah always carries a shield made from the front of a Train. This is the first of two hidden treasures on Elijah's card. Can you find the second one?

When not saving the world from the Infamous Diablos, Elijah is an Engineer. Already as a little boy he was interested in how things worked. When he was 15 he travelled to Scotland to study mechanical engineering. Have you noticed that we snuck this bit of biographical information into the background of his Top Quarkz card? The second hidden treasure is Edinburgh Castle. After his studies Elijah worked for the Michigan Central Railroad. It was there that he developed his first major invention: A lubricating cup which allowed trains to run for longer periods of time without stopping for maintenance.

Over the course of his life Elijah submitted over 40 patents, including designs for an ironing board and a lawn sprinkler.

Most trains are now powered by electricity, which is why this is Elijah's weakness.
Some Fun Facts about Steam & Steam Engines
  • Thomas Savery built the first steam engine in 1698.
  • The first steam train was built by Richard Trevithick in 1804. The train was so heavy that it broke the track
  • The phrase "The Real McCoy" is thought to be from Elijah McCoy's inventions. They were so good that other companies copied his inventions. They never worked as well as Elijah's so people would say, "make sure it's a real McCoy."
  • In the 1800s and early1900s, steam-powered engines powered trains, boats and ships. Even the Titanic was powered by steam.
  • The first Disney cartoon with sound was Steamboat Willie (1928)
  • One of the world's fastest steam locomotives was called The Flying Scotsman (1930s)
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