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Garrett Morgan

Discover why we turned Garrett into a superhero
Full name: Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr.
Born: 1877
Died: 1963
Occupation: Inventor
Nationality: American

Garrett Morgan was an inventor most famous for his improvement of traffic lights. He also created a smoke hood and developed a chemical hair-processing and straightening solution.

Find out more about Garrett and why we turned him into a science superhero in this Team Remarkablz video.

Garrett features in our card game Black Hole. Black Hole is The Remarkablz meets the "Old Maid" card game. The goal is to form and discard pairs of cards. Make sure you're not the player left getting sucked into the Black Hole at the end of the game. Why a Black Hole? It's the biggest threat any superhero could face.
Image Credit: Katy Alexander
Superhero Backstory

Garrett can detect danger. He knows when danger is near and can alert Team Remarkablz.

Garrett is quick to detect danger and ensures that Team Remarkablz is safe.

Garrett's help is constantly needed. He is the first line of defence against the growing number of attacks against Remarkablz HQ.
What Do Inventors Do?
Some of the greatest inventions were created by accident. Find out more in this brilliant video by Brightside.
Video Credit: Bightside
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Garrett's Gift looks at the history of this famous inventor and the origins of his idea for the traffic light. Learn about his childhood and and how his different way of looking at things led to a significant advancement in safety.
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