Elijah McCoy
Elijah can create, shape and manipulate steam
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Elijah went to Edinburgh University and became fascinated with Trains. One day during a routine maintenance of a train, Dr Fossil Fuel ignited an oil spill which combined with an overloaded computer system and exploded. Elijah gained his superpowers that day. Elijah soon discovered he could control Steam and used his ability to try and get revenge against Dr Fossil Fuel.
Real name
ELIJAH McCoy (1844 – 1929)


Additional information
Elijah's shield is the Smoke box door of a train. This was the hinged circular door on steam engines that allowed service access to the smoke box to fix air leaks and remove char.
In the background is Edinburgh Castle. At age 15 Elijah was sent to Scotland for an apprenticeship and was later certified as mechanical engineer.
Elijah's drawing has two hidden treasures...
Elijah was a Canadian-born inventor and engineer. He holds 57 U.S. patents, most having to do with the railway. Elijah worked for the Michigan Central Railroad. In 1872, McCoy invented a device for the moving parts of steam trains, colloquially known as the "oil-drip cup." His device was quickly adopted by the railroads.
Trucks and trains can be used to transport freight. Understanding how freight trucks and trains impact air quality is useful to learn ways to reduce pollution.
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John Ramsbottom was an English mechanical engineer. He made steam locomotives in the 1800s.
Elijah died Michigan, on October 10, 1929.
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