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Brenda Milner

Discover why we turned Brenda into a superhero
Superhero Backstory
Brenda has the ability to remember all experiences and events. Her memory is protected against Memory Manipulation.
This comic book cover is hiding a few hidden treasures...
The logo on the tower is a drawing of the Kavli Prize. Brenda was awarded the Kavli Prize in Neuroscience in 2014.
The statue of Henry Molaison is behind Brenda. He is known as Patient H.M, and the "Man who couldn't remember". Brenda studied the effects of damage to the medial temporal lobe on Henry's memory.
The flag fluttering from the tower features McGill's three martlets, the University's mascot. Brenda has been a professor at McGill since 2010.
The image on Brenda's belt is that of the Balzan Prize. The Balzan Prize is awarded to a person that has achieved distinction for outstanding work. Brenda was awarded the prize in 2009 for contributions to Cognitive Neurosciences.
Listen to Brenda talk about Henry M
Listen to Brenda talk about Henry M is this video from NFB. Brenda continues to shape the field of neuropsychology and our modern understanding of the brain.
Video credit: NFB
Why does our brain store memory separately into long-term and short-term memories?
Video Credit: BBC Earth Lab
How does my memory work?
What is the Hippocampus?
Check out this video on H.M and why the Hippocampus is important for memory.
Video Credit: TED-Ed
For the slightly older viewers check out this great video by NeuroTransmissions on how the brain stores memories.
Video Credit: Mr. DeMaio
Neuroscience of memory
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Who was the
"Man who couldn't Remember"?
When an operation left Henry Molaison unable to form new memories, he could remember events that occurred before his surgery but he was unable to form new memories. If Henry met someone who then left the room, within minutes he had no recollection of the person or their meeting. He became the most important patient in the history of brain science. Brenda Milner began studying Henry but referred to him as H.M. to protect his privacy.
Brenda Milner
I knew I was witnessing something important..