Newton's Rainbow
The Remarkablz Colouring Book is a great way to start budding scientists, engineers, inventors and the superheroes of tomorrow on the path to developing their own superpowers.

- 35 colouring pages
- 4 design-your-own illustrations so you can create your own superheroes
- 1 fun and educational colouring book

Age: 3+
Price: £4.95
Newton's Rainbow
Here are some of the superheroes you can expect to see
Why call it Newton's Rainbow?
Are you wondering why we picked the name Newton's Rainbow for our first colouring book? It is a tip of our superhero hat to the fundamental science underpinning colours and light.

In 1665, Isaac Newton passed light through a prism and watched it fan out into a rainbow. He thought he could see seven colours—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. These are just some of the colours we hope you use to enjoy our unique colouring book.

Happy colouring!
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