An Wang
An's superpower is Computer Intuition, he understands computers and everything connected to them, including programming, fixing bugs and viruses.
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While a child An liked to challenge himself at every turn. As an adult, even though he had a professional career at his fingertips, he decided he couldn't wait and started to create computers that could track the pockets and locations of superpower usage. Although he still has a lot to learn and many obstacles to overcome, he has proven herself as one of Team Remarkablz most important computer scientists.
An's alma mater is featured on the computer screen: The Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
The Wang 2200 was a desktop computer created by Wang Laboratories.
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Born: 1920
Died: 1990
Occupation: Computer Scientist
An Wang
An became interested in radios as a teen-ager and built his own radio, and went on to study communications engineering at Chiao-Tung University and in 1945 continued his education at Harvard University. An invented the magnetic pulse controlling device, the principle upon which magnetic core memory is based and co-founded Wang Laboratories. An was a recipient of the Medal of Liberty and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
An was a Chinese–American computer engineer and inventor. An Wang was an important contributor to the development of magnetic core memory.
An Wang
Failure is inevitable and provides valuable feedback that can move you in the right direction
Computer scientists apply their knowledge of information theory and computation to computer systems
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The first computer mouse was created in 1964 and was made of wood.
Alan Turing presented the first idea of the modern computer in 1936 in his paper "On Computable Numbers".
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