Maydianne Andrade
Science Superhero Maydianne generates poisonous webs. She can use her webs as a protective barrier or to a capture and trap her foes.
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This comic book cover is hiding a few hidden treasures that relate back to her life and work...
Across Maydianne's chest and on her shoulders are iron Australian Redback Spiders.
The University of Toronto at Scarborough features in the background. Maydianne joined the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough in 2000.
Maydianne was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 28 November 1969.
Maydianne is a Jamaican -Canadian ecologist. She researches the mating habits of spiders.
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Check out this short video about Maydianne and the spiders she researches.
Video credit: PBS
Cool Facts About Spiders
Did you know that spiders are arachnids? Watch this great video from Happy Learning English and find out more about Spiders.
Learn more about Spiders!
Do all spiders make webs?
No, not all spiders make webs. In fact, less than half of the 37 spider families in Britain do.

Can Spiders live underwater?
This spider can: The diving bell spider. Its web enables it to spend most of its life underwater. It constructs a net of silk and uses it to gather a bubble of air to create its very own diving cage.

Are Spiders Insects?
Spiders are arachnids. They are different from insects as they have: (1) only two parts to the body (2) eight legs not six and (3) six or eight eyes (there are only two in insects).

What's a Redback Spider?
Redback spiders are native to Australia. They are poisonous spiders that often like to live in logs or under rocks. Their webs are sticky which helps them catch small lizards and insects. Male Redbacks often die right after they have mated while females have a lifespan of about 3 years.
Did you know that arachnids aren't only spiders? There's so many more animals!
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