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Katsuko Saruhashi

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Superhero Backstory
Katsuko captures and releases carbon dioxide on her opponents inducing deep sleep.

Katsuko has played multiple roles over the course of her long life - from rainmaker to weather monitor. She gained her powers after coming into contact with in a mysterious green sludge in the waters near Tokyo, Japan. A curious and compassionate person, Katsuko may be shy but she is quick to make friends and quicker still to help her fellow superheroes. She is considered by many to be the defender of the oceans and planets.
Katsuko can capture gases, including carbon dioxide (and other dangerous toxics) and release them on her opponents.
The chemical reaction in the drawing, CO2 + H2O → (H+) + (HCO3-), was developed by Katsuko. This is the reaction for ocean acidification. Katsuko provided evidence that seawater in the Pacific releases twice as much CO2 as it absorbs.
Katsuko Saruhashi is known for discovering the dangers of radioactive fallout in seawater.
After World War II, the US carried out nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean. Katsuko helped to stop above ground testing.
Chika Kuroda was a Japanese chemist. She was the first woman in Japan to receive a Bachelor of Science.
Katsuko's superhero weakness is Radiation. Nuclear weapons emit large amounts of thermal radiation.
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What Does A Geochemist Do?
Geochemistry is the study of the chemical processes which form and shape the Earth, and other planets.
Acids & Bases
Acids and bases are important not only in the chemistry lab, but in cooking, medicine and our everyday lives. Download this free educational resource to learn more.
Did you know?
* Our stomachs use an acid - hydrochloric acid - to help us digest foods. This is a strong acid which also kills many types of bacteria and can prevent us from getting sick.

* Strong bases can be slippery and slimy feeling.

* The oceans are growing more acidic, and scientists think the change is happening faster than at any time in geologic history. This change is stressing out the creatures that live in the seas and oceans. It confuses fish, disturbing their sense of smell.
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