Katsuko Saruhashi
Science Superhero Katsuko can capture and release carbon dioxide on her opponents this induces deep sleep
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NAME: Katsuko Saruhashi

OCCUPATION: Geochemist

The formula coming out of her hands can be found in a paper written by Katsuko in 1976.
Who is Captain Folsom?
He is based on the real life Theodor Folsom who hindered Katsuko's research in the 1960s.
All our drawings have hidden clues, Katsuko has one:
Katsuko studied CO2 levels in seawater and developed the first method for measuring CO2 using temperature, pH, and chloride levels, called Saruhashi's Table. Saruhashi also studied the nuclear contamination of oceans.
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Why is too much Carbon Dioxide in the oceans bad?
When carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolves in seawater, the water becomes more acidic. This is a problem for many of the creatures that live in the ocean. It makes it harder for corals to build skeletons and for shellfish to build the shells they need for protection. Corals are particularly important because they provide homes for many other sea creatures.

What happened at Bikini Atoll?
After World War II The United States carried out nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean near Bikini Atoll. After people became ill, Katsuko and her colleagues went to investigate. They found that if the testing continued the entire Pacific Ocean would be contaminated. They helped to stop above ground nuclear testing.
Katsuko has played multiple roles over the course of her long life - from rainmaker to weather monitoring. She gained her powers after swimming in radioactive spillage near Namu island, in the Pacic Ocean. She was captured by Dr. Oxidation but never let her captivity break her spirit. A curious and compassionate person, Katsuko may be shy but she is quick to make friends and quicker still to help her fellow superheroes and considers herself the defender of the oceans and planets.
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