Jane X Luu
Jane can launch pieces of rock, metal and ice throughout the universe.
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Throughout her career as a Remarkablz, she's fought along some of the greatest heroes. One of Jane's first missions was to stop Major Photon, an alien with the ability to warp time and who had been draining the powers of the Kuiper belt for years. Beyond her role as a superhero, Jane is an astronomer, allowing her to use both aspects of her life to protect from humanity from Major Photon.
The Kavli Prize logo is on Jane's chest. Jane was award the prize for recognition of advances in astrophysics

There is a Wifi symbol on her cape clasp and Bluetooth symbol on her belt
In this fact-file find out why we turned Jane into a Superhero
The discovery of Quaoar, a planetoid, led to the redefinition of Pluto as a "dwarf planet"
Jane discovered the Kuiper Belt, an area of the outer Solar System beyond Neptune's orbit.
Michael Brown discovered the dwarf planet Eris. He was awarded the Kavli Prize (shared with Jane X. Luu) in 2012
Radio Frequencies can interfere with her telepathic abilities, making them harder to control.
Born: 1963
Died: 2000
Occupation: Astronomer
Jane X Luu
She discovered the Kuiper Belt, an area of the outer Solar System beyond Neptune's orbit.
Jane X Luu is a Vietnamese-American astronomer.
Jane Luu
We begged to keep looking, though people thought we were crazy
Astronomers try to understand how the universe works. They study objects found in space such as planets, moons, stars, solar systems and galaxies.
Video Credit: NASA Goddard
What Does an Astronomer Do?
Fun Facts: The Kuiper Belt
This is where you'll find Pluto. It's the most famous of the objects floating in the Kuiper Belt and is called a dwarf planet.
The Kuiper Belt is a ring of icy bodies just outside of Neptune's orbit. Pluto is the most famous Kuiper Belt object.
What's the Kuiper Belt?
Find out more about the dwarf planets in this great little song created by Kids Learning Tube.
The Kuiper Belt is still a very mysterious place.
Have you met the dwarf planets?
Video Credit: Biography
Video Credit: OpenMind
What to learn a bit more and find out why Pluto is now called a "Dwarf Planet"? This great video will tell you why.
Why isn't Pulto a planet anymore?
Video Credit: Vinit Masram
It's one of the places where comets come from.
The ice in the Kuiper Belt dates back to the formation of the solar system.
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