Edith Hamel
Edith can manipulate blood flow through a person's blood vessels.
Get to know
This comic book cover is hiding a few hidden treasures that relate back to her life and work...
Edith's superhero outfit is a representation of the circulatory system and shows that blood flows into the brain.
We drew this comic book cover for the OBHM conference in Montreal Canada. The event's original start date was the 26 June 2020.
Edith shared with us her passion for flowers, nature and gardening. We couldn't do a drawing of her without flowers being featured!
McGill University is in the background, Edith works in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill.
The insignia you can see on the building is that of the Royal Society of Canada. Edith was elected a fellow of the RSC in 2017.
Edith Hamel is a Canadian neuroscientist whose research focuses on the interactions that enable blood supply to activate areas of our brain. Her research aims to help slow down the progression of vascular dementia.
About Edith
Listen to Edith talk about her work and why the supply of blood to the brain is so important.
Video credit: Alzheimer Canada
Fun Facts!
75 % of the brain is made up of water!
In this video you can learn more about the circulatory system! Edith Hamel Looks at the connection between neurons and their vascular supply.
What's the Circulatory System?
Watch this short video from Nemours KidsHealth and find out how your brain works!

How does my brain work?
Video Credit: Happy Learning English
Video Credit: Nemours KidsHealth
Your brain never rests. When we sleep our brain is working and active.
A human brain contains billions of neurons
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