Alexa Irene Canady
Alexa's superpower: She can manipulate the pressure in her enemies' brains.
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This comic book cover is hiding a few hidden treasures that relate back to her life and work...
"If you do good work, the rest doesn't matter"
Alexa Irene Canady
Alexa was Chief of Neurosurgery at the Children's Hospital of Michigan from 1987- 2001. You'll find the DMC Children's Hospital in the background.
On Alexa's belt you will find the letters AMWA which represent the American Medical Women's Association. In 1993 Alexa was awarded the AMWA President's Award.
Alexa was born in Michigan, USA on the 7th November 1950.
Alexa was the first African-American neurosurgeon. Her research includes studies on the effects of hydrocephalus, a condition characterised by the excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.
About Alexa
We need to attract more young neurosurgeons
Alexa talks about her career, as well as the need to attract more young surgeons to Neurosurgery.
Fun Facts!
The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and has two halves, or hemispheres.
Hydrocephalus is a condition that involves the build-up of a fluid in the brain. In this video you can learn about the effects of hydrocephalus. This video may be more suitable for ages 8+.
What is Hydrocephalus?
Learn about the brain with this fun educational music video from Kids Learning Tube. Don't forget to sing along!
Want to learn the Brain Song?

Video Credit: Kids Learning Tube
The brain is the centre of the human nervous system, controlling our thoughts, movements, memories and decisions.
Did you know that our brain doesn't feel pain!
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